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Ringside with Rosy



   Welcometo Ringside with Rosy. Sunday, March 28, 2004, I spoke with one-third of Brand X, that being Ghetto Fabulous G-Dawg. Now what I have learned about G-Dawg is that he is a man with a vision, and he is trying to live that apparition for all of us every time he gets in that ring. The interview went as follows:

Ringside Rosy: What is the significant behind your ring name?

G-Dawg: No real significants. The people I keep myself surrounded by are pretty much my dawgs. I use it to signify my people. The Ghetto Fabulous signifies the fact that I dont have and never had a lot but still feeling like your rich and living like your rich.

Ringside Rosy: When did you get into wrestling?

G-Dawg: I roughly started two years ago. It pretty much has been stuffed down my throat my whole life. For as long as I can remember I have seen wrestling either on the TV or been at shows.

Ringside Rosy: What or who influenced you to get into wrestling?

G-Dawg: Ric Flair is my idol, just the way he controls the crowd. He has this love him one minute, hate him the next, attitude going on and he controls the way the crowd perceives him in the ring at that particular moment with this love me hate me attitude. Its great. Thats the way I want to control the crowd.

Ringside Rosy: Why did you all choose the name Brand X for your team?

G-Dawg: Were an alternative team. You have your muscle body guys like the Hardy Boys and Four Horsemen and then you have the guys like the Dudley Boys and Brand X; were the new brand that wants to come out an entertain.

Ringside Rosy: When did you get your first title win and who was it against?

G-Dawg: I believe it was July 2003 we won over Team Punishment in a ladder match. That pretty much solidified our spot and put us on the map.

Ringside Rosy: June of 2003, you were stuck at the airport, Lucifer stepped up to the plate and filled in for you so that your team would not lose their chance at getting the Tag Team from Team Punishment. Now since then it seems as though Brand X has formed a bond with MEWF owner, Tim Burke, a.k.a. Lucifer. What force has pushed the three of you closer together?

G-Dawg: We want the same thing and that is to see the fed strive and become something on the East Coast, not just in this area. The comings of MCW into the MEWF had pretty much destroyed the MEWF. We are all on the same wavelength and that is about bringing in the big crowds and doing what we have to do. And thats what Brand X is all about as well, getting the people in and entertaining them. Making a name for us as well as the MEWF.

Ringside Rosy: In August of 2003 you and Buckchyld faced off against Team Punishment one more time. But this time was a little bit different then before.... The losing team had to split up and never team again in the MEWF. My question to you is ...How do you think you and Buckchyld would fair out if you had to be individuals?

G-Dawg: I like to think that between us we can do what we have to, to get the job done. There has never been a team before Brand X or after, like us. Before long Brand X will be Maryland Tag Team Wrestling, the same as the Holy Rollers and the Slackers are now. Well just keep it going.

Ringside Rosy: Brand X has faced just about every other tag team in the MEWF such as Camp Candie (the Bruiser and Suicide), The Cracker Express (Sandy Saltine, Richie Ritz, Sunshine, Krispy and Nabisco Dimico), Hollywood Inc. (Playboy Bob Starr, Brock Singleton, and Genesis) and The American Nightmares (Ham and Bone). Which of these four teams do you feel was more of a challenge to you and why?

G-Dawg: The biggest challenge was against the Bruiser and Suicide. The Bruiser was a top wrestler in Maryland for five years, plus the size of both those guys is intimidating. One day I would like to have another shot at them. And also there is a respect factor, the Bruiser being a top Maryland wrestler for the past five years there is something to be said about that, you have to respect him for that achievement.

Ringside Rosy: There is only two tag teams left in the MEWF that you have not wrestled, those being the Slackers (Chad Bowman and Lunchbox Dino Divine) and the newest tag team, the current MEWF Champions Simply Delusional (Alex Lunar and Eagle). When and if you meet them in the ring how do you think they will match up as to the other teams you have wrestled in the past? Do you think either team will be more of a challenge as compared to the Bruiser and Suicide?

G-Dawg: The Slackers command respect from everyone. Eagle and Lunar you have to prepare individually for. You have the big man and you have the little man situation. Brand X will always be on top I believe.

Ringside Rosy: Do you wrestle for any other federations other then MEWF?

G-Dawg: Some now and then, none consistent. Just here and there for whoever may throw work our way.

Ringside Rosy: Have you received any injuries from wrestling?

G-Dawg: Ive gotten a sprained wrist, pulled muscles in my back, the back of my head busted open, busted nose, and my ankle sprained pretty bad once.

Ringside Rosy: Do you have any background activity or education that can contributed to your success in wrestling?

G-Dawg: Just hours of studying heroes from the past, studying the crowd, studying tag teams that have come before me in Maryland wrestling, and always learning new things about wrestling.

Ringside Rosy: Where do you see yourself in five years?

G-Dawg: Working for Vince McMahon.

Ringside Rosy: What is the name of your ring music?

G-Dawg: No real name, just our intro throwed together to pump up the crowd. Its an introduction that lets them know the best is coming out.

Ringside Rosy: How can you help to keep the MEWF a top Indy federation in the area and on the East Coast?

G-Dawg: By staying original, keep entertaining and giving the fans what they want to see. Give all I got and I know that Buckchyld does the same. And keep giving it our all until our bodies collapse.

Ringside Rosy: Have you held any other titles other then the MEWF Tag Team Titles? How many times have you held the MEWF Tag Team Titles?

G-Dawg: Just once. Team Punishment beat the Holy Rollers and got the belts then we beat Team Punishments and got them. Team Punishment got what they deserved that night.

Ringside Rosy: How do you prepare yourself for a match?

G-Dawg: I just feed off the energy of the crowd and Id like to believe they do the same from us. If theyre in a loud cheering mood it gets us pumped and I believe if we are out there giving it our all it gets them in that mood to be loud.

Ringside Rosy: How many hours a week do you train and what does that training consist of?

G-Dawg: I train roughly about tens a week and it consist of paying attention to what the crowd wants and making moves my own.

Ringside Rosy: Whats the name of your finishing move? Does Brand X have a finisher that you perform together?

G-Dawg: Mine is the Ghetto Exploder Pile Driver and Buckchyld can give you the names of the finishers we do together.

Ringside Rosy: If a young fan were to come up to you and say they wanted to be just like you when they were older...what advise would you give them?

G-Dawg: Dont be like me, be yourself. Learn from every mistake you make. Be your own person.

Ringside Rosy: How do you think fans perceive you?

G-Dawg: Id like to think they love us. They feed off what energy we bring to ring just as we feed off the energy they give out.

Ringside Rosy: Who is the one person or tag team you would like to meet in the ring and why?

G-Dawg: The Holy Rollers, in my eyes they were Maryland tag team wrestling for the last five or six years, the learning experience, and the respect of them and everyone else.

Ringside Rosy: Married or single?

G-Dawg: Single

Ringside Rosy: Any kids?

G-Dawg: Not that I can remember.

Ringside Rosy: Any pets? Names?

G-Dawg: One cat named Dawg.

Ringside Rosy: When not in the ring or training where can you most likely be found?

G-Dawg: Just chilling with my dawgs, and living my life the only way I can.

Ringside Rosy: Favorite color and why?

G-Dawg: Royal blue thats the color of my favorite basketball team, Duke Blue Devils.

Ringside Rosy: If you could drive any automobile what would it be?

G-Dawg: 2004 Bentley

Ringside Rosy: What do you drive now?

G-Dawg: My shoes.

Ringside Rosy: Favorite TV shows?

G-Dawg: Simpsons of course man. The Simpsons, thats my show.

Ringside Rosy: Favorite movie?

G-Dawg: Good Fellas

Ringside Rosy: Other then wrestling what kinds of work do you do?

G-Dawg: Pretty much bartend.

Ringside Rosy: Any siblings?

G-Dawg: One brother and one sister

Ringside Rosy: Where would you like to live?

G-Dawg: Im gravy in Maryland.

Ringside Rosy: Where do you live now?

G-Dawg: Thats my hood.

Ringside Rosy: Do you have an email address fans can reach you at?

G-Dawg: Log on to WWW.MEWF.COM, Ghetto Fabulous is always listening.

Ringside Rosy: Is there anything else you would like to contribute to this interview?

G-Dawg: Let everybody know that Brand X is in the zone. Were going to take over like it or love it. Its all about Brand X.

Ringside Rosy: Thank you Ghetto Fabulous G-Dawg for taking time to talk with me and the fans of MEWF and letting us get to know who you are and what Brand X is all about. And hey G-Dawg, just to let you know, I take the Connie Chung comment as a complement but Im much better, Holly wood just hasnt discovered me yet.

Until next time...this is

Ringside with Rosy

The next  interview will be with Brand X's Buckchyld and will be posted the week of April 14, 2004.

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